Looking for a friendly family to work for? With familiar cultures and understanding employers, Singapore is a great place for work.

Why work in Singapore?

Singapore is a safe and secure place to work. There are laws to protect everyone, including people from other countries who come here to work (including maids).

It’s a city with people from many different cultures, and everyone is welcomed. You’ll find things that are familiar to you, like food and customs, which can help you feel more at home.

Singapore offers a good quality of life and is a safe place to work. The Ministry of Manpower has rules that employers must follow to make sure you are taken care of while you work here.

Why Join Helper Express?

Helper Express Is A Trusted Maid Agency In Singapore.

Throughout our years of experience, we have dealt with numerous employers and helpers, addressing various work situations that may arise during their contract. Helper Express is dedicated to supporting you throughout the entire process.

Helper Express Cares For You

We strongly prioritize counseling and assisting both employers and their helpers in establishing a successful and long-lasting working relationship.

Helper Express becomes your family in Singapore.

Is this your first time working in Singapore? Our experienced agents are here to warmly welcome you and provide information while answering any questions you may have.

What Are Your Benefits?

We offer free training to boost your confidence in providing care for the family.

Our priority is to ensure fast placement, so you can start work as soon as possible

Based on your skills and experience, we will assist you in finding a suitable employer.

Our offices are open 7 days a week

Receive a competitive salary package

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