Helper Express simplifies the process for Singaporean employers of Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) by offering competitive insurance options and rates. Ensure comprehensive coverage for your domestic helpers with medical insurance, personal accident insurance, and a security bond, as required by regulations for Singaporean employers.

How do employers buy a maid insurance plan?

HELPER EXPRESS is here to assist you in every step of obtaining the Maid Insurance and Security Bond.

We provide the most competitive rates and a variety of plans to ensure that you can make well-informed choices for both yourself and your helper.

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Mandatory Maid Insurance And Security Bond

Medical Insurance

The coverage of your maid’s medical insurance must be a least $60,000 per year for inpatient care and day surgery.

Personal Accident Insurance

Minimum coverage of $40,000, payable to the helper of their beneficiaries.

Security Bond

To ensure responsible upkeep, timely salary payment, and repatriation, Singapore employers of Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) are required to maintain a security deposit of $5,000.

A Truly Hassle-Free Process.

As an experienced maid agency, we eliminate the uncertainty and unforeseen costs that may come with the hiring of a Migrant Domestic Worker in Singapore. With our full suite of services, you can be assured of a smooth hiring journey from start to finish.

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Step 3
Confirm Insurance Coverage

After you have made your decision, we will proceed with the application once payment has been completed.

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