Indonesian Maid

Many older Singaporeans can speak basic Malay, which makes Indonesian maids a good choice

What is the reason behind employers hiring Indonesian maids?

There are several factors contributing to the popularity of Indonesian maids compared to Burmese (from Myanmar) and Mizoram (from India) maids.

One factor is that many older Singaporeans are familiar with basic Malay language, which allows for easier communication and a smoother transition when hiring Indonesian maids. This communication gap is smaller at the start, and it is easier to bridge with basic Malay.

Another factor is the significant Malay population in Singapore, who often prefer to hire domestic helpers with similar religious faith as themselves.

Furthermore, Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) are generally known to be more willing to provide care for infants, children, and the elderly.

Lastly, Indonesian maids’ culinary skills and the flavor of their dishes are highly regarded. Indonesian cuisine, with its vibrant spices, delicious curries, rendang chicken, and popular nasi lemak, is well-liked and familiar among Singaporeans. Local employers appreciate the comfort of coming home to these familiar and tasty dishes.

Why Do Employers Trust Us With Their Indonesian Maid Search?

Once the Indonesian Domestic Helpers express their confidence in taking up a job in Singapore, we proceed with arranging interviews to ensure compatibility and match their skills with our employers' requirements.

Furthermore, although our team of Indonesian Domestic Helpers may have some familiarity with Malay culture, we provide them with detailed briefings regarding the distinctions in Singapore's local culture and employer expectations compared to their own home country.

Helper Express assures you of a seamless service by working closely with you throughout the entire process of recommending, selecting, and recruiting the ideal maid who best matches your home care and household requirements.

Even after successfully finding a candidate for you, we provide ongoing follow-up to ensure a seamless hiring journey and ensure everything is in order on your end.

A Truly Hassle-Free Process.

As an experienced maid agency, we eliminate the uncertainty and unforeseen costs that may come with the hiring of a Migrant Domestic Worker in Singapore. With our full suite of services, you can be assured of a smooth hiring journey from start to finish.

3 Steps To Hire A Trusted Maid​

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Enquire Online

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Step 2
Speak With Our Consultants

Once we understand your needs, our friendly and experienced consultants will recommend domestic helpers that are the best fit for you.

Step 3
Start Your Hiring Journey

While we handle all the necessary paperwork and documentation, you can focus on selecting the ideal domestic helper.

Got Further Questions?

Our FAQs section enables us to address your inquiries and offer our clients comprehensive information throughout their hiring process.

Choose The Right Helper For Your Family

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Indonesian Maid Agency & Domestic Helper In Singapore

Are you looking for a reliable partner to find a qualified and experienced Indonesian maid or domestic helper in Singapore? Helper Express is a Singapore maid agency that has extensive experience and a vast network of qualified domestic helpers you can hire. We are committed to meeting the diverse requirements and needs of families and individuals seeking professional household assistance and caregiving services.

At Helper Express, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive training and a thorough screening process for our Indonesian domestic helpers. This ensures that each helper is fully prepared to care for your family and home in Singapore, giving you peace of mind and the support you need. Rest assured that each helper is fully ready to provide exceptional care, leaving you with peace of mind and the invaluable support you deserve.

Let Helper Express be your go-to partner in finding the perfect domestic helper to cater to your unique requirements and enhance your family life.

Services Covered by Our Indonesian Maids in Singapore

At Helper Express, our Indonesian maids possess a diverse skill set and expertise to handle various household tasks and caregiving responsibilities with utmost proficiency and dedication. As part of our commitment to offering comprehensive domestic assistance, our Indonesian helpers provide a wide range of services, including:


Our Indonesian maids are masters of maintaining a clean and organised living space, ensuring that your home in Singapore is always a comfortable and welcoming environment. From dusting and vacuuming to meticulous tidying, they take pride in creating a hygienic and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy.


Aside from Singaporean dishes, you can indulge in the delightful taste of authentic Indonesian cuisine prepared by our skilled helpers. With their culinary talents, they can whip up various flavourful dishes that will tantalise your taste buds and bring the essence of Indonesia’s rich food culture to your dining table.


Entrust the care of your precious little ones to our trained infant care helpers, who offer nurturing and safe environments for your children. They understand the importance of catering to their needs with love and care, providing age-appropriate activities, and creating a supportive and joyful environment for optimal child development.

Elderly Care

For families with senior members, our Indonesian maids specialise in elderly care services. Our maids for elderly care in Singapore approach this role with utmost empathy and respect, offering compassionate support and companionship to seniors while assisting with daily living tasks, medication reminders, and ensuring their well-being.

General Assistance

Beyond specialised services, our Indonesian domestic helpers are ever-ready to provide general assistance to make your life in Singapore easier. From running errands to managing daily chores, they are reliable and efficient in handling various tasks, allowing you to focus on other priorities confidently and efficiently. Their adaptability and versatility make them valuable assets to your household, ensuring a smoothly running home environment.

Who Should Hire an Indonesian Maid?

An Indonesian maid from Helper Express is ideal for various individuals and families in Singapore, as they provide invaluable support tailored to specific needs. Those who will benefit from hiring our Indonesian maids include:

  • Families with Busy Professionals: Managing household tasks and caregiving responsibilities can be overwhelming for families with busy professionals. Hiring a maid allows them to focus on their demanding careers while ensuring their home and family receive the care and attention they deserve.
  • Expatriate Families: Expatriate families in Singapore often find themselves unfamiliar with local customs and need assistance adjusting to their new environment. A maid can offer a sense of familiarity and provide invaluable guidance during their transition.
  • Elderly Care Recipients: Elderly individuals or their family members seeking specialised care services will find our maids to be a perfect fit. With expertise in elderly care, our maids offer compassionate support and companionship, ensuring the well-being and comfort of seniors.
  • Families with Infants/Young Children: The early stages of a child’s life require special care and attention. Maids trained in infant care provide nurturing and safe environments for young children, giving parents in Singapore peace of mind while juggling their responsibilities.

Helper Express understands each client’s unique needs and is committed to providing personalised solutions through our dedicated and hard-working Indonesian maids. Experience the difference they can make in your life today.

Benefits of Hiring Our Indonesian Domestic Helpers

Hiring an Indonesian domestic helper from Helper Express has numerous benefits that enhance your family life and household management. Our Indonesian maids bring a wealth of advantages, such as:

Cultural Familiarity

Indonesian maids are skilled in their duties but also familiar with the customs and practices of the region. This cultural familiarity ensures seamless integration into your household, enabling them to adapt quickly to your family’s lifestyle and preferences. You can trust that our maids will embrace your family’s traditions, making them an invaluable addition to your home.

Compassionate Care

Our Indonesian domestic helpers in Singapore are trained not just to fulfil their tasks but also to provide compassionate care for both children and the elderly. They create a loving and nurturing environment, offering emotional support and companionship beyond their regular responsibilities. Whether tenderly caring for an elderly family member or providing a warm and supportive atmosphere for your children, their empathetic approach ensures a harmonious and caring household.

Personalised Matching

At Helper Express, finding the right fit for your family is crucial. We offer personalised matching services, considering your unique requirements and preferences. Our expert team carefully assesses each Indonesian maid’s skills, personality, and experience, ensuring you find a helper who aligns perfectly with your family’s needs. This tailored approach guarantees a strong and positive working relationship between you and your domestic helper.


Every family has its own distinctive needs and routines. Our Indonesian maids are adaptable and versatile, ready to cater to diverse requirements easily. Whether you need assistance with housekeeping, childcare, elderly care, or other household tasks, our maids quickly adjust and provide their services according to your schedule and preferences. Their flexibility ensures your family’s unique dynamics are respected and supported, fostering a harmonious living environment.

7 Days a Week Availability

Helper Express understands the importance of accessibility and convenience for our clients. We are readily available to provide responsive and personalised support if you have inquiries, require assistance, or want to discuss your domestic helper preferences. With Helper Express, you can count on prompt and efficient service whenever needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Indonesian Maid Agencies in Singapore

To hire an Indonesian maid in Singapore, you can rely on Helper Express, a trusted and reputable agency with extensive experience in domestic helper services. You can begin the hiring process by viewing our website for the available information about the services provided by Indonesian maids, including housekeeping, cooking, childcare, elderly care, and general assistance.

For other concerns, you can send us an enquiry form. We will get back to you as soon as possible to answer all your questions about our pool of qualified Indonesian domestic helpers. Once you’ve submitted our form, our consultants will schedule a meeting with you to recommend domestic helpers who match your requirements and needs. We will then discuss the necessary paperwork to finalise the hiring process with you once you have selected the Indonesian maid to help you manage your home.

Most Singaporean families hire Indonesian maids due to several reasons. Indonesian maids are often preferred for their cultural familiarity, making integration into the household easier. They are well-regarded for their compassionate care, supporting children and the elderly. Additionally, Indonesian maids are skilled in various household tasks, such as housekeeping and cooking, ensuring a comfortable and nurturing environment. The personalised matching services offered by agencies like Helper Express allow families to find the most qualified domestic helper that suits their unique needs and preferences. With their adaptability and versatility, Indonesian maids offer invaluable assistance, making them a popular choice for many Singaporean families.

About Helper Express

At Helper Express, we take pride in being one of the most reliable Indonesian maid agencies in Singapore. With our extensive network and commitment to providing reliable human resources, we have gained the trust of countless families across the country. As an experienced maid agency, we offer the opportunity to engage in the services of Indonesian and Myanmar maids as well as Filipino maids, enabling us to cater to a wide range of domestic assistance needs.

With personalised matching services, we ensure each family finds the perfect helper to support their unique requirements. Head down to our office or connect with us online to experience our exceptional services firsthand.

Contact Helper Express today and let us help you find the ideal domestic helper for your family’s needs.